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Child Plan is insurance cum investment plan that serves two purposes - Financially secure your child's future & finance the turning points in his/her life such as higher education and marriage.

Child InsuranceA short guide to Plan Child Insurance

We all want our child to study in best school, to go to the best college (probably abroad), have the grandest wedding in town but nothing in this world comes for free.

Hence, in the context of Indian culture where parents strictly take responsibilities of their child development, it becomes a necessity to invest for their future so that at appropriate junctures, one can get financial support.

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LIFE COVERThe Child life & savings

You also get life cover so that your child’s future is secured.

You get accrued bonus so that you make the most of your wealth.

Health InsuranceChild Education Plan

Child education plan gives you various benefits such as life cover, building a corpus for the child's future needs and the option of adding specific riders. Go ahead and invest in an education plan, but always compare quotes before you finally sign on the dotted line.

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Child Insurance image

What's covered?

  • Financial Protection Having a child’s insurance plan can help with the costs of educating your child.
  • Premium Options Your child may learn how to drive. You may want to surprise you child with a scooter, motorcycle, or car
  • Tax Benefits Successful parenting is no mean accomplishment.Tax benefits for your child's future needs at the right age!