Pension PlanReady to serve best Pension Plan policy

Pension plans also known as retirement plans are investment plans that lets you allocate a part of your savings to accumulate over a period of time and provide you with steady income after retirement. Even if a person has a good amount of savings, a pension plan is nevertheless crucial.

Pension Plan

It is not difficult to understand that the bigger the premium paid today, the bigger will be the corpus created at retirement and bigger will be the pension amount.

A proper planning of pension amount is required to ensure that lifestyle doesn’t fall too much after one stops working.


Guaranteed PensionThe life & savings for Pension Plan

You can get a fixed and steady income after retiring (deferred) or immediately after investing (immediate), based on how you invest.

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Tax-EfficiencyTax Benifit for Pension

Pension plans are entitled to tax exemption specified under Section 80C. If you want to contribute to pension plans.

Do not confuse this with accumulation period. This is the period in which you receive the pension after retiring.